It all started with an anti aging skin cream that was really strongly scented (not in a good way) with really terrible, toxic ingredients. It was an oxymoron. A facial cream that promised to make you look younger, but in the meantime, was going to be harmful to your body, and ultimately, aging to your skin.

The natural product marketplaces where we scoured products had great ingredients, but didn't seem to really offer anything in the way of noticeable results. We decided we had to find natural ingredients that were powerful enough to provide our skin with deep nourishment, antioxidant benefits and keep our skin healthy and vibrant. This is why we turned to the strength of the sea!

During our research, we found that sea botanicals were six times more powerful than land based plants, so we knew we had to create a skincare line that incorporated all the healing benefits of the sea. We teamed up with the world's leading seaweed and sea botanical experts to help us formulate our line with wild harvested seaweeds, algae and antioxidant rich ingredients. We didn't want to have to compromise our health to use products that really worked, and we feel you definitely shouldn't have to either! Your skin cares what you put on it!


-Meryl & Cary