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Sea Botanical Superfood Skincare. Clean. Natural. Organic. Effective.

Our Sea Botanicals skincare line was inspired by the strength of the sea. Sea Botanicals are 6 times more powerful than land based plants, so we decided to use these to create our superfood skincare line.

We took the already natural and effective sea botanical ingredients and combined them with highly effective ingredients to create a superfood for your skin.

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Some Things You Should Know About Us!

Anjolie was created by the Mother-Daughter team of Cary and Meryl Gabeler. The two of us have always had a passion and dedication to natural and sustainable living. Anjolie sea botanicals were inspired by the strength of the sea, and all the sea plants and algae that contribute to the healing powers of the sea. Sea botanicals are 6 times more powerful than land based plants, so we decided to use these ingredients as the base of our products to create a natural, powerful and effective superfood skincare and bodycare line.

We worked with the industry’s leading sea botanical skincare experts to formulate a natural skincare line with powerful ingredients like liquid oxygen, astaxanthin, arctic peptides, sea kelp, spirulina, hyaluronic acid. We have tested the effectiveness, fine line reduction and collagen production to give you gorgeous, glowing skin!

Anjolie also functions as a social enterprise, giving a portion of our profits to support clean ocean foundations!