"I've never tried to write about a product before, and probably that's because I've never really loved a product enough to stop and try to describe it. But I actually love Anjolie Sea Rescue Repair Serum--enough to try.

It's simply delightful. It's a serum, not a cream, closer to an oil. But what's so wonderful about it is that it's not in the least greasy--it's light, perfect. The fragrance, barely there, is fresh and pleasant. My face seems to respond immediately, as if it's been thirsty and now is being beautifully hydrated.

People throw around the word radiant a lot these days--a popular word, I've noticed. But Anjolie Sea Rescue Repair Serum really does deserve the word: I feel it gives me a radiant glow!

My favorite product ever."

-Barbara F

"The Facial Repair Cream:  I really like this product.  The cream is light and goes on easily.  It feels very moisturizing and the citrus scent is a refreshing start to the day.  Together with the serum I feel like my skin is firmer and the creases around my mouth seem more smoothed out and less noticeable.  I think my chin line, where the jowls form, seems firmer and my complexion has a more even texture with less redness.

Body Oil:  This stuff is great.  It goes on really easily and penetrates the skin quickly with no oily feel to the skin.  You're left with this silky smooth, freshly scented skin.  It really helped the itchy, dry skin on my back.

Body Butter:  The sandalwood scent is really pronounced once the butter is warmed by your body heat and the smell is beautiful. It is easy to spread around on your skin and it soaks in quickly, leaving the skin feeling very smooth and moisturized without any heavy residue."

-Liz M.

"Anjolie’s new Sea Botanicals skincare line is so fresh and invigorating! The radiance it brings to my complexion is immediately noticeable. Especially love the sea-green hydrating facial cleanser, fast-drying Sandalwood body oil and Citrus Body Butter. A rejuvenating trip to the beach for skin."

-Susan B

"What luxury it is to use your products every morning and night! I love the natural scents and that the ingredients come from the sea! Even better is the fact that my friends keep asking me what I am doing since my skin looks fabulous!"

-Lee B

" I love the facial cream. It has a lovely scent and texture and makes my dry skin perk up throughout the day."

-Marcia B